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Trapunto Class Description:

Trapunto by Machine :1 day Workshop

All levels

Class Description:

A techniques workshop to gain the skills required to use the sewing machine to free motion quilt and add trapunto, to a 16”square piece of fabric which can be used as a cushion or centre of a quilt.

Suitable for all levels, with special attention to “new” free motion quilters wanting to improve their skills.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Choosing suitable quilting patterns for trapunto.

2. The use of different filler patterns.

3. Tips and tricks for successful machine quilting.




Trapunto Class Needs List:

2 x 16” pieces of square fabric, PLAIN calico or homespun in a light colour.

Marbled or lightly patterned fabric does not show up the quilting well.
(Bring an extra piece of fabric for a cushion back if desired)

Water soluble or washaway thread

3 oz piece of dacron or similar wadding approx 16”square.

16” piece of pellon or iron on pellon.

Blue washaway fabric marking pen

Embroidery thread to match fabric. Can be one shade darker than the fabric to show up well.

White thread for the bobbin.

Sewing machine (OIled and in good working order), all feet and manual. Preferably a machine that can drop or cover the feed dogs.

Spring loaded or darning foot.

Usual machine sewing needles, but machine embroidery needles work well with water soluble thread.

Usual sewing equipment especially small sharp scissors.

Saftey pins for basting

A quilt sandwich approx 16” of leftover fabric to use as a practice piece. ie. fabric, wadding, fabric either spray glued or saftey pinned.

Use this link to download and print the Needs List:

Trapunto By Machine Needs List