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Shaded Faces Class Description:

Shaded Faces: 2 day workshop

Class suitable for all levels

Class Description:

The class will make a small quilt, approx A3 size, from a supplied photograph.

This class is a good starting point to expand student’s knowledge of using colour confidently and to learn about the colour wheel.

The students draw their own pattern from the supplied picture, which enables them to further this technique with subsequent projects.

Raw edge machine appliqué is used and ideas for quilting are explored.

Comprehensive notes given out in the class to enable students to complete their project.

$4.00 fee to cover A3 colour photocopying cost to be paid to tutor.


Learning Outcomes:

1. To draw the lines to create a face from a photograph or drawing.

2. Look at value and tone for colours within fabric families to create a face.

3. Raw edge appliqué using invisible thread.

4. Quilting ideas for different finished effects.

5. Edge and binding ideas for a good finish.




Shaded Faces Class Needs List:


5-6 (minimum) fabrics all in one colour family, ranging from light to dark. eg: Light pink through to deep maroons or reds, lilac through to deep purple, shades of blues,greens.

Bring more choice of one colour family rather than less.

Fabrics can be a mixture of plain or marbled, batik or hand dyed look. Nothing with a definite large pattern. Only small pieces required approx 12”x 8”.


1 fat quarter to a half metre of a directional fabric that tones or contrasts with your face fabrics. Can be a stripe or patterned fabric and can have other introduced colours.


1 fat quarter piece of fabric. A good contrast, plain or marbled etc, either light or dark. Bring a few to choose from if unsure.

Backing fabric :

1 fat quarter

Fat quarter size piece of wadding. (pellon or iron on pellon or something similar)

Piece of soft clear plastic or template plastic approx A3 size.

Fine black sharpie pen

1 metre viseoflex

Applique mat or kitchen baking paper. (Not greaseproof)

Usual sewing gear.

Sewing machine with all feet and manual

Board and cutter.

Paper and fabric scissors

Masking tape

Reel of light invisible thread.

Reels of thread in middle range of your chosen colour family for face.

Blue marking pen or chalk.



Use this link to download and print the Needs List:

Shaded Faces Needs List