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Celtic Superstars Class Description:

Superstars : 2 day class

All levels

Class Description:

To make a unique block approx 20” (50cms)square which is the first block of a larger project,cushion cover or small wall hanging.

This is a fun class where many techniques will be learned.

The individual star block has the added zing of a celtic pattern to make the star design really stand out.

Making a zig zag border to fit any size edge will also be taught.

Comprehensive notes also given out so students can finish and or repeat the block at home.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Cut out your own unique star shape using paper cuts.

2. Sew on to the background using raw edge sewing techniques on the sewing machine.

3. Draw your own pattern for a simple celtic design

4. Make bias strips from any fabric,(with no special tools) and apply using machine blind hem stitch.

5. Learn how to make and apply a zig zag border.

6. Setting and quilting ideas.





Celtic Superstars Class Needs List:

Background Fabric: - 1 fat quarter.

Can be plain or patterned, dark or light that reads plain or has a very small pattern.

Should contrast well with the fabric chosen for the star.

Star Fabric and Zig-Zag Detail: - 1/2 metre.

Large bold and bright patterns work well or any pattern that contrasts well with the background fabric.


Celtic Work Fabric: - 1 fat quarter.

Should be a good contrast to the background and star fabric.

Batiks or closely woven fabrics work well for this.

1 metre viseoflex or similar

1 metre freezer paper

24” square, light to medium weight Vilene

Baking paper (not greaseproof) available at supermarkets.

Spray starch (available at supermarkets)

1/4” Steam-a-seam, 1 box

Paper scissors, small and sharp

Fabric scissors, small and sharp

Pencil and rubber

Chalk marking pencil

Thread to match the star fabric

Invisible thread

Cutting board and ruler

Sewing machine in good working order with manual

Open toed foot or similar (number 20 for a Bernina)

Usual sewing equipment


Use this link to download and print the Needs List:

Celtic Superstars Class Needs List