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Celtic Full of Eastern Promise Class Description:

Full of Eastern Promise -2 day workshop

All levels

Class Description:
To make a small wall hanging (24” x 36”) using a border print fabric ,bias strips, raw edge machine appliqué and machine quilting.

Participants will learn my unique, easy way of making and using bias strips and celtic patterns.

An easy way to deal with scary border prints to get a perfect corner is also taught, achieving an almost finished top at the end of two days.

Comprehensive notes are given out in the class to enable students to complete the project.

Learning Outcomes:
1. To make bias strips from any fabric and apply them in a “Celtic” style pattern using machine appliqué techniques and invisible thread.

Other application ideas for attaching bias are discussed.

2. To cut and use border style fabric to add interesting features.

3. To add the main fabric as a border with a perfectly matched mitered corner.

4. Quilting and finishing ideas.




Celtic Full of Eastern Promise Class Needs List:

Needs List for Full of Eastern Promise

1.2 metres of border print fabric (must have at least 4 repeats across width of fabric)

1 metre homespun or plain fabric in a very dark or very light colour to match or tone with your border print.

2 fat quarters to co-ordinate with the border print and contrast with the plain fabric. Can be patterned or plain.

24” x 36” piece of medium weight (non - iron) interfacing.

70 cm backing fabric

Needle and thread for basting.

Reel of invisible or monofilament thread (light colour)

1/4” steam a seam (available from most quilt stores)

1/2 metre viseoflex

Approximateley 70 cm thin batting ie. Pellon, iron on pellon or similar.

Iron and pad or small applique iron and pad. (Not essential but useful)

Kitchen baking paper (available at most supermarkets)

Spray starch (available at supermarkets)

Sewing machine and manual. (Include all supplied sewing feet)

Usual equipment ie. sharp scissors, cutting board and cutter etc.


Use this link to download and print the Needs List:

Full of Eastern Promise Needs List