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Celtic Circles Class Description:

This fun and easy class is to learn how to adapt, draft and sew ordinary quilting patterns into circular patterns to use as celtic work on quilts.

Students will learn my unique method of building celtic patterns and will start a small quilt centre or wallhanging approx 50cm square after completing their own


Celtic Circles - 2 day workshop

1. All levels

2. The hanging measures approximately 50 cm x 50 cm.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Look at suitable quilting patterns and learn the techniques to adapt as a circle pattern for celtic work.

2. Make bias strips from any fabric with no special tools.

3. Learn how to sew bias strips with a blind hem stitch and invisible thread for a hand sewn look.

4. Quilting and finishing ideas.




Celtic Circles Class Needs List:

2 x .75 metre plain fabrics. Can be homespun or any fabrics that read as plain . Batiks also work well. They need to contrast well with each other.

2 patterned fat quarters of a good contrast to the plain fabrics but in similar colour family.

Sharpie pen


Pencil and rubber

1 metre medium weight iron on vileness

1 metre viseoflex or something similar

Compass with attached pencil or pencil lead. (Available at most stationery shops).

Masking or painters tape

1 box 1/4” steam a seam. ( I have some available to purchase)

Needle and thread for basting

Spray starch ( Available at most supermarkets)

Reel of light colour monofilament or invisible thread

Roll of kitchen baking paper ( NOT grease proof paper). Available at most supermarkets.

Small iron or pad or small appliqué iron. ( Not essential but useful)

Sewing machine and manual

Cutting board, cutter and ruler

Usual sewing equipment. i.e. scissors, needles, matching thread, pins etc.

© Anna Williams 2014


Use this link to download and print the Needs List:

Celtic Circles Needs List