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Celtic Alphabet Class Description:

Celtic Alphabet - One day workshop

All levels

This attractive wall hanging can be made in one day and has been designed as a starting point to learn a fun, quick and easyway to make bias strips from any fabric.

All letters of the alphabet, plus a number of celtic patterns, will be available to choose from so each quilt will be unique.

The hanging measures approximately 40 cm x 60 cm.

Learning Outcomes:
1. To use freezer paper to make an appliqué letter of the alphabet.

2. To make bias strips and complete an easy celtic pattern.

3. Use machine appliqué and invisible thread to attach the celtic pattern and letter to the background fabric.

4. Easy border with a mitred corner.

5. Quilting and finishing ideas.




Celtic Alphabet Class Needs List:

16” x 24” piece background fabric, (can be light or dark)

½ metre all over patterned fabric for the border and celtic pattern.

Avoid directional or striped fabric.

1 x fat quarter piece of fabric, plain or patterned for the letter. Should contrast well with the background and border fabrics.

16” x 24” piece of light non- iron vilene

1 box ¼” steam a seam

½” metre freezer paper

Reel of invisible thread. (light coloured)

Baking paper – available in most supermarkets (not greaseproof or sandwich wrapping paper)

Fabric marker or chalk

Spray starch (available in most supermarkets)

Glue stick


Sewing machine in good order with all feet and instruction manual.

Cutting board and rotary cutter

Scissors for paper and fabric and usual sewing gear i.e. pins, thread


Use this link to download and print the Needs List:

Celtic Alphabet Needs List