Anna Williams

New Zealand Quilter  




Anna aged 3 photo
Born in England:

Born in England to a West Indian father and an English mother, Anna lived all of her childhood in Southport, Lancashire.

Growing up in England:
As a child and young adult, she was always fascinated by craft activities and had what can only be described as "busy hands".
Anna child photo
Anna initially trained as a chef at the Yorkshire College of Education and Home Economics in Leeds.
In 1971 she trained as a Home Economics teacher and taught at various schools before setting off in 1974 for adventure by travelling overland to India on a bus.
She met her future husband on the bus and they decided to go on to Australia.

Arriving in New Zealand:
After a year in Melbourne, Anna arrived in New Zealand in 1976 with her teacher husband and first baby.
Anna and girls photo
The family subsequently lived in a variety of small remote school houses before moving to Marton in 1982, where she has lived ever since.

In between quilting, Anna fills in her time as a very highly successful chef and catering manager, with a national reputation, at Huntley School, a local boarding school for boys in Marton.

anna cooking photo

Anna has even been featured in the food pages of the Dominion newspaper, Wellington.

Her two daughters are now both married and living in Australia.
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With 4 young grandchildren, they are a very good reason for more international travel!!

Starting Quilting:
Anna started quilting in 1989 and was hooked from the very beginning.
For a number of years, Anna used to take a weekly quilting class at the Marton Arts and Crafts' Centre.
The pressure of time on her increasingly busy teaching schedule has meant that she can no longer take this popular class. She is now taking classes all over Australia and New Zealand.

Quilt Displays and Exhibitions:
She has had quilts displayed a number of times in the U.S.A. and nationally in New Zealand. She has other quilts in private collections all over the world.
Over the years she has had numerous commissions, awards and prizes.

Anna has had quilts displayed at many exhibitions and galleries

Always creative and inventive, Anna has been using digital cameras and computers to design and create a range of unusual and memorable quilts, especially in the Shaded Faces series. She has latterly done extensive work on Celtic Quilts, a design she loves.

Beside quilting, Anna loves gardening and has green fingers besides quilting ones. She has had plenty of scope over recent years as she has built up a garden in a new house she and her husband have built in Marton.

Anna May 2013 Admiring the view over the fence with a coffee in her slippies. As you do!!!  
Anna's Garden Anna's raised garden.  
annadecksummer2013 Flat out relaxing. How hard is that??  
Anna Taupo May 2013 Anna's most recent competition success was in July 2013 at the Taupo National Quilt Symposium, where she won the First Traditional Quilt in the Professional Section.  

Not only that, but she is currently working up quilts in a new collection of ideas.
The new series will be released as soon as she has finalised the design.

Keep watching this space!!!!